AIM Sustainability Award Application
Thank you for applying for the Associated Industries of Massachusetts Sustainability Award. We look forward to learning about the ways your company has used sustainable practices to spur growth and operate responsibly. You may apply for an award based on four types of initiatives undertaken by your company: a new idea; changed environmental impact; collaboration and communication; and social impact. Apply using one, several or all four categories. If you wish to apply in a category, check "Yes" and then provide detailed answers to the questions that follow. If you do not wish to apply in a category, skip it and move to another.
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1. New Idea - Took a risk and developed a new strategy or product that may be used by other organizations to advance sustainability and create a positive environmental impact.
Explain the purpose of the product or strategy and the process used to develop it.
How does the strategy or product improve the environment?
What are the measurable results?
2. Changed Environmental Impact - Did something to improve waste, water, carbon or energy in a manner that has reduced negative environmental impact, created financial savings and improved social impact.
What have you done and what have been the measurable results?
Explain the change/s you made and how this improved your sustainability program. How did it impact your organization beyond just measurable results?
What was the biggest challenge you faced while implementing the program?
3. Collaboration & Communication - Broke down barriers (maybe internal), initiated collaboration (maybe within your supply chain), or changed behaviors in a manner that improved sustainability outcomes for your organization
Describe the actions you took or the campaign you implemented. How did you determine the need to change processes or behaviors to improve results?
Explain the impact made and any measurable results you used to identify success.
How did you go "above and beyond" to improve results related to sustainability?
4. Social Impact - Did the organization contribute to the well-being of the community and do something that positively impacted society? (This is unrelated to environmental impact.)
Explain the project or initiative and how it contributed to solving a challenging social issue while also creating a shared value for the organization.
Share the measurable results.
Describe in detail the ways in which this project is unique and whether there is a future outcome expected.
AIM Sustainability Award Application Guidelines
The AM Sustainability Award is given to private, public companies and or non-profit organizations that implement leading sustainable techniques or technologies that have significantly improved the sustainable performance of their organization, or enhanced communities. Exemplary programs related to raw material and solvent substitution, preventive maintenance programs, beneficial reuse of by-products, waste reduction and recycling, employee engagement efforts, and comprehensive environmental management systems or governing policies have all been considered in the past.
2019 Award applications will be accepted June 21 thru August 6, 2019.
Eligibility – Activities that will be considered for an award may include, but are not limited to technology changes (e.g. layout changes, improved equipment, new process); input material changes (e.g. material purification, substitution of less toxic materials); product changes (e.g. redesign for less environmental impact, increased product life); energy conservation; supply-chain sustainability; and governance and employee engagement.
Activities submitted must have been completed or have shown considerable progress by December 31, 2018. Only one application will be accepted per facility or campus. Each application will be judged on its own merit and organizations are not limited to the number of times that they are permitted to apply for and receive the Sustainability Award.
Applications process take place the summer of each calendar year with an August 6 deadline. A committee of evaluators within the AIM Sustainability Group will review the application with nominees identified in early August. Sustainability Award winners will be recognized at AIM’s Regional Events in the fall.
Applications need to address one of the three areas of sustainability; economic, social and environmental issues. Applicants will be evaluated primarily on their implementation of sustainability activities. The results should be significant when evaluated against the organization's size and available resources.